my mel brooks gesture.

May 24, 2007

so i gave this to my buddy, mauwy, as a gift.

yeah, i know.. i’m a really awesome friend.


hahaha.. actually no, it’s the other way around. mau is one of the most awesome people ever. the catalyst to our friendship was finding common ground with record collecting. and every good record collector needs some badass soundtracks mixed in their sets. young frankenstein is one of the best comedies ever made.


(it just made more sense for him to own it as he edits headroom in his own little home studio – the record has dialogue and such… so yes, he might just use a sample from it on one of our shows these days. despite his move with lovely soon-to-be wife and awesome lady, alison to the bay area — headroom continues. how? you may ask… just listen and stay tuned)


where i want to be at this moment.

May 20, 2007

Maker Faire 2007

everything i could possibly want…

next year… it’s you and me, baby.


bossa nova, hip hop, afro-funk button pins

May 14, 2007

i made about two dozen this evening.  i took my extra copy of the latest issue of waxpoetics magazine… ripped through the pages containing thumbnail sized album cover layouts … and sorted out these buttons for my friends. hurray!

choosing the images was so fun… especially pairing them up with the friend i was making them for.


button maker.  (i purchased mine @ kaybee years ago. but they are a made by a company called natural science or NSI)

button fronts and backs


magazine. computer print outs. any print media (please do not use anything thicker than regular bond paper or paper stock)


how to recycle office paper into blank books.

May 9, 2007

i cringe every time i have to throw or shred a large amount of paper off my desk at the end of the day. or i pick up tons of junk fax from our machine and have no real use for it. i have a pile of scratch paper sitting nicely in the bottom drawer of my file cabinet. tomorrow ill know what to with it…

via instructables


Recycled paper (blank on one side)
Thicker recycled material (postcards, envelopes, cardboard, etc.) for covers
Twine, yarn, or other string

Awl, drill, or drill press
Large sewing needle or bookbinding needle
Paper cutter, scissors, or utility knife
Cutting mat


gold reward.

May 6, 2007

sometimes i like to give myself gifts…

and usually.. gold and shoes are keywords that go together quite well according to my wishlist.

the pattern on my new pair reminds me of vintage architecture… i love the antique detail… the gold finish … the marriage of all that just did it for me.

i love new things that borrows directly from the old… classic looks will always excite me.


filipina pride.

May 5, 2007

my dream gown.

one of the coolest things about being a filipina is my mixed heritage. whereas most asian cultures have a very strong sense of culture specific to their country… ours is a melting pot – a mixture derived from asian to european. the culture is rich with history. our fashion is influenced in the same way…

monique lhuiller is a filipina designer. she is well known in los angeles for designing gowns for award shows and weddings. she was raised in cebu (in the central part of the philippines) – she is of filipino-spanish/french decent. her credentials are ridiculous … ladies like her make me very proud of my heritage. plus, her life and accomplishments inpire me to work twice as hard to excel in my own life and career.

the gown above is close to something i would wear for my own wedding. and it makes it extra special as it is designed by a woman i truly admire.

monique and her husband, tom bugbee


an aesop dedication.

May 4, 2007

yesterday evening i found myself at my local library buying used books at their sale.  the first corner i checked out was the children’s section since i love collecting vintage children’s books on fairytales, folklore, etc.  i was quite excited when i found this 1982 edition of aesop’s fables.  when i got home… i was even more delighted to find this dedication written on the back of its front cover:

it made me wish for the things my grandparents gave me when i was a child.  i am glad i have this safe for someone … i hope to read and give it to my own children.